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My name's alyssa. my blogs the only place i feel free to speak my peace, if you dont like it, to bad for you. feel free to ask as you please, and follow, i dont bite:*, ill follow back:D
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Michael James,

  I cant believe we’ve officially been going out for a whole year now, time has been crazy. This is one of the first photos ever taken of you and I, and its one of my absolute favorites. Looking through “old” pictures of us from the start make me think of how crazy we started of. And if it werent for that one messed up night we would never have gotten together. Im glad I actually grew the balls to tell you I was "comfortable" with you. Truth be told I really was, something about you caught my eye, I knew I wanted to be yours, and i am so happy that i am to this day. You have become my bestfriend, my partner in crime, and most importantly the man i want to spend the rest of my life with. You are my soulmate Michael James Calapa. I love you to the moon and back, millions and millions of megadoobies. Happy 1 Year baby! 

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